For anyone who owns a retail store, shop or business premises the first impression will matter and determine whether a customer will stay for the service. It is important that the store has the right design and branding to leave an impression on the client and for service delivery. This is where the services of a good design and branding firm need to be contracted. Such a firm will be able to provide quality service that will achieve the results one wants. If you are looking to hire such a firm below are some tips.

Hiring A Design And Branding Firm

Where to search


One can start by asking a retail store whose branding and style they like and finding out the company that did the design. One can also inquire how the experience was working with the company and whether they delivered. An individual who has received satisfactory service will readily provide information on a firm that gave good results. One can also do an online search and look on the yellow pages of companies that provide this service. It is important to do research on such company before engaging them.

Experience and qualifications

One needs to find out about the years of experience the firm has. How long have they been in operation? If it is a relatively new company what is the experience of their staff. A firm with experience is a guarantee that they will be able to deliver. The firm needs to have the legal requirements to offer the service. They need to be licensed and have the proper building license and permits to undertake a project.

References of past work done

One needs to request to see and to be provided with a portfolio of previous work that the company has done. This will bring an assurance that the company will be able to deliver results. It is also a way for the client to look at the style of the firm and see whether they like it, is the job they see of quality work. Branding and design is about bringing ideas into a reality, and a client needs to know that the company can do this. One can request references of clients of past clients whom they can talk to and get to know their experience and whether the work was delivered as per schedule and was satisfactory. They can also visit the website of the company like and see the work that the company showcases as part of their client list.

Know about the team

One needs to find out if the firm does the work by themselves or do they subcontract their work. This helps you know who will be handling the work being done. If the company subcontracts are they on site to ensure it is being done well.


hhjhhjhjhhhhhCost is an essential factor. This will vary depending on the project, it is, therefore, important to get a written estimate of the cost. This will include the materials being used, the labor costs and any additional charges that may be inquired.